6/23/20: O/O’s will open up for pre-order in the next week. I’ll send out an email when they are available.

6/10/20: For the next few months10% of sales will be donated to Activation Residency in support of the incredible work they are doing to support front line activists, artists and organizers.

4/25/20: The remainder of the Soundwich DIY kits will be shipped out tomorrow. We have now started to get a run going of complete units. They should be arriving in about 3 weeks time. The pre-order has now opened up for the first run.

4/15/20: Soundwich pcbs have arrived and the manufacturer made an error on half of them. They are redoing them now… just waiting to hear about an ETA. Thank you very much for all the orders over the past few days, it really means a lot.

4/11/20: Soundwich pcbs are arriving in the next few days. I’ll be testing them as soon as I have access to testing equipment and solder (maybe a week). I’ll send an email for preorder when that happens which should mean both diy and pre-assembled versions. O/O design is being tested on a few systems (Serge, 200e, 200, ciat-lonbarde) by some very helpful people. When they are happy I’ll be able to open up orders for kits. HC-TTs will now be a yellow-ish color (*after these last 12 green ones are gone) similar to the Stereo Field. Orders placed now will be able to ship once things get safer with the virus situation and I’m able to go to the studio. I greatly appreciate your support and your patience if you are able to order now. For now I’ll be working on new designs. Take care everyone.